IOT News

IoT News Roundup

DNA selects Cisco Jasper to provide IoT connectivity ••• Grace Engineered Products acquires Civionics, enters IIoT space ••• Internet of Things World study identifies challenges in cybersecurity, scaling and implementation ••• Particle announces LTE-enabled cellular IoT module ••• Notion, HomeAdvisor integrate smart-home technology with plumbing for leak detection.

Battling Cargo Theft in Brazil

With the Brazil-ID system in operation, the Wernher von Braun Research Center expects the creation of several services based on the same infrastructure used for toll collection.

IoT News Roundup

C3 IoT, Microsoft announce strategic partnership to accelerate AI ••• ulalaLAB signs global export contract of its smart factory platform, expands partnership with Swiss smart factory and Switzerland innovation park ••• Twilio launches cellular communications platform ••• Unisys extends stealth security software to include medical, IoT devices ••• Rubicon Labs presents strategies for secure IoT device control ••• Notion integrates with HomeAdvisor, pairs smart-home technology with plumbing services ••• Avnet selected as distributor of Microsoft Azure Sphere ••• Rambus intros programmable hardware security core for networking, automotive, IoT.

RFID Tracking Fuel Trailers to Prevent Theft in Chile

Technology provider GPS Chile is offering its fleet-management solution to the oil company using Agorabee active RFID technology to link each trailer with a truck, identify the location of the truck and trailer, and gain visibility into when the vehicle leaves its expected route or stops.