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Case Studies

  • RFID Revs Up Hummer Plant

    By Elizabeth Wasserman

    AM General needed to boost production of its Hummer H2 to meet demand, but its manufacturing facility had limited space for parts. The automaker turned to RFID to keep the plant humming.

  • NASA Creates Thinking RF Sensors

    By Jonathan Collins

    Low-cost wireless sensor networks developed by NASA can detect environmental changes and take action in response to what they detect. Now RFID is set to make them even more effective.

  • RFID Gives Racing a Winning Edge

    By Patrick Karle

    Using active RFID tags, the Indy Racing League not only times and scores 16 events, it also provides critical data to drivers and race crews, and helps engine, tire and chassis makers develop products.

  • Soap Maker Cleans Up with RFID

    By Jonathan Collins

    Canus, a maker of goat's milk soap, is deploying RFID to cut distribution costs, keep products from spoiling in transit and meet Wal-Mart's tagging requirements ahead of schedule.

  • RFID Brings Order to the Law

    By Jonathan Collins

    After a national law firm installed an RFID system to track legal files at its Boston location, accuracy in locating files jumped from 35 to 98 percent—saving tens of thousands of dollars in time spent looking for documents.

  • Chip Maker Tries ‘Snack and Trace’

    By Farhat Khan

    By using RFID to track shipments within its supply chain, KiMs, a Danish potato-chip maker, not only spiced up its sales but also cut the fat from its inventory and workforce.

  • Case Study: International Paper

    By Bob Violino

    Steve Van Fleet, Director, Smart Packaging, International Paper

  • Case Study: NYK Logistics

    By Bob Violino

    Rick Pople, General Manager, NYK Logistics

  • Tracking Skiers for a Good Cause

    By Jonathan Collins

    The White Pass ski resort raised more than $50,000 for the American Cancer Society by tracking how many vertical feet skiers and snowboarders traveled. The system could be used as a loyalty program.

  • Gillette Sharpens Its Edge

    By Mark Roberti

    Dick Cantwell is overseeing a major RFID project at one of Gillette's distribution centers. The goal: foster a new culture of innovation to achieve dramatic efficiencies within the supply chain.

  • Vendor to Foxhole Tracking

    By Mark Roberti

    The U.S. Military's Combat Feeding Program pilot shows that RFID can be used to provide real-time visibility of rations as they move from the manufacturer to units in the field.

  • Golf Car Maker Scores with RFID

    By Jonathan Collins

    By integrating RFID with its new assembly line, Club Car has cut production time per golf car to 46 minutes from 88, improved its ability to customize cars—and saved millions of dollars.

  • Farm Harvests RFID’s Benefits

    By Bob Violino

    After deploying an RFID receiving system, Paramount Farms cut its operating costs, improved its relationship with growers and avoided having to invest in expanding its facilities.

  • Safeguarding Shipping Profitably

    By Jonathan Collins

    A project to secure cargo containers from seaport to seaport shows that RFID can track shipments with 100 percent accuracy, improve safety and deliver some compelling financial benefits to importers.

  • ChevronTexaco Takes RFID Offshore

    By Mary Catherine O'Connor

    A field test at one of ChevronTexaco's offshore platforms in the Gulf of Mexico provides insights into how RFID can be used in shipping/receiving operations. ChevronTexaco is now looking at other pilot projects.

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