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Case Studies

  • UWB Technology Brings Signalization to Turkish Mining Company

    By Claire Swedberg

    ESAN is using RFID to control the movements of vehicles into and out of its underground mines, thereby increasing productivity and reducing fuel consumption and labor time.

  • RFID Delivers Visibility to U.K. Beer Containers

    By Claire Swedberg

    Britain's largest container rental provider, Close Brothers Brewery Rentals, has built its own UHF RFID system that captures shipping and receiving data, as well as each step of the cleaning and maintenance process, integrated with the company's management software.

  • Grupo Boticário Plans RFID Deployment

    By Edson Perin

    RFID testing, supported by consultant EY, helped the company to reduce the number of out-of-stock products by 97 percent, among other benefits.

  • Door Factory Gains Logistical Efficiency

    By Edson Perin

    A company in Santa Catarina has halved its container-loading times, while efficiently controlling its inventory of more than 600,000 units.

  • Hackensack Meridian Health Expands BLE Wayfinding to Jersey Shore

    By Claire Swedberg

    One of New Jersey's largest health-care companies is using location-based data from a Connexient solution to provide its patients and visitors with automated wayfinding that can be integrated with their health records and appointments app.

  • Lockheed Solution Tracks Fighter Jet Parts Around the World

    By Claire Swedberg

    The RFID-, GPS-, cellular- and satellite-based system allows the aerospace company to track the components of multiple aircraft lines from when the parts are packed in containers until they reach their destination.

  • IoT Monitors Human Behavior in Carbon-Neutral Building

    By Claire Swedberg

    Researchers and management at Canada's Evolv1 building are using Internet of Things technology from eleven-x to track and analyze data regarding the impacts sustainable features might have on comfort and productivity, as well as the behaviors of tenants occupying the new structure.

  • Drug Company Automates RFID Tagging of Compounded Products

    By Claire Swedberg

    Nephron Pharmaceuticals is making its own RFID-enabled labels to attach to each compounded syringe products it sells to hospitals and health-care providers, so that they can be tracked from the point of shipment to patient bedsides.

  • Auto Parts Company Sees Productivity Gain With RFID

    By Claire Swedberg

    TPV Group tracks the movements of components through finishing processes and shipping, using an RFID solution from LEOSS that brings visibility to each carrier of parts and tracks its location at the facility, thereby automating processes and preventing errors.

  • Hospital's Hand-Hygiene Rate Doubles With RTLS Technology

    By Claire Swedberg

    Marin General Hospital has raised its compliance rate from 45 percent to 77 percent via an RFID solution from SwipeSense, and is now using the same technology to track assets.

  • NFC Helps Track Medication Use in Clinical Trials

    By Claire Swedberg

    Schreiner MediPharm has released its Smart Vial Kit for clinical trial testing, which uses printed electronics to capture and store sensor data related to when a medical device was removed, as well as NFC technology to transmit that data for review and analysis on an app.

  • Calgary IoT Solution Helps Manage Garden Conditions, Golf Carts

    By Claire Swedberg

    The city is undertaking proof-of-concepts for several LoRa IoT-based solutions to analyze the conditions and plant health in its Devonian Gardens, as well as the movements of golf carts in the city's Shaganappi Point golf course, to better manage the scheduling and flow of golf play.

  • RFID in Aerospace and Defense 2018 Report

    By Rich Handley

    View the presentations from RFID Journal's recent conference and exhibition, held in Arlington, Va.

  • RFID Tracks Elderly Care Participants and Staff, Onsite and Off

    By Claire Swedberg

    In the event of an emergency, Senior TLC is employing mobile RFID readers at mustering stations off the facility grounds to ensure the safety of its members and personnel, while active and passive RFID tracks the locations of individuals and care bags throughout the building.

  • BLE Provides RTLS for Tracking Production at Auto Ceramics Company

    By Claire Swedberg

    NGK Automotive Ceramics has reduced the amount of labor required to search for palletized products as they move through a partially automated system, using Quuppa technology and Thinkinside management software.

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