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Case Studies

  • RFID System Automates Tool Management for Hong Kong Aeronautics Company

    By Claire Swedberg

    Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Co. has deployed a Xerafy system leveraging handheld RFID readers, tags on tools, and an app on workers' phones to ensure that no tool is ever left insude an aircraft, and to help employees find a missing tool if a mistake is detected.

  • IoT System Reduces Fish Death Rate at Iran Farm

    By Claire Swedberg

    When the proof-of-concept at Mahdasht Milk and Meat Complex finished earlier this year, the solution, provided by Afarinesh Samaneh Mehr Engineering Co. and using Libelium technology, was found to save labor time, reduce fish deaths and increase productivity.

  • Western Kentucky University Builds Its Own RFID System for Parking Management

    By Claire Swedberg

    The in-house project includes a UHF RFID-enabled van that drives through open lots to collect tag reads, as well as RFID-enabled gates at closed lots to provide access control with a long read range.

  • NFC- and Sensor-Based Solution Brings Intelligence to Cattle Feed, Forage

    By Claire Swedberg

    Orkel is preparing pilots of its new FeedIQ system that analyzes the quality of bulk material as it compacts and bales that material, then stores the data with NFC tag IDs so that users can access that information as they sell, purchase or use the bales.

  • Campus-wide RFID System Tracks Books and Assets, Manages Access Control

    By Claire Swedberg

    Saint Louis University, in the Philippines, has deployed a solution from Image Innovations Services using PTS's ClearStream middleware and a variety of fixed and handheld readers.

  • Understanding Beer Drinkers, One RFID-Enabled Pour at a Time

    By Claire Swedberg

    Pacific PourHouse is among the most recent companies to launch an RFID-based self-serve beer wall that not only has put beer pouring in the hands of customers, but also feeds intelligence about drinking habits to management, helping them stock the most popular beverages.

  • Conference Improves Attendee Flow, Meal Planning via RFID

    By Claire Swedberg

    The Charleston Defense Contractors Association has been able to re-strategize its session locations, as well as reduce the amount of waste in food costs, by better understanding attendee behavior and traffic movement.

  • RFID Enables Hands-Free Transit Entrance for Vancouver Disabled

    By Claire Swedberg

    Hyperlight Systems designed the solution for the TransLink SkyTrain to leverage UHF RFD tag reads that would mimic the tapping of a fare card against an automated access gate.

  • RFID Duck Fits the Bill for Caretakers Comforting Kids With Cancer

    By Claire Swedberg

    The RFID-enabled My Special Aflac Duck uses Sproutel technology to help young cancer patients convey their feelings with RFID-tagged emoji tokens, an IV kit and a soundscape-triggering rocket.

  • Police Track Children During Holy Hindu Pilgrimage

    By Claire Swedberg

    The two-month event, which attracts up to 50 million pilgrims, can lead to children being lost, so police are using an RFID-based solution from Vodafone India to help them—and guardians—keep track of young people.

  • Italian Quartz Mine Ensures Worker Safety via BLE

    By Claire Swedberg

    The solution, from BluEpyc, tracks the movements of beacon-carrying workers onto and off of the quarry site, to ensure they never enter the vicinity of scheduled explosions or remain at the site after hours.

  • Florida Fire and Rescue Supplier Extends Visibility via RFID

    By Claire Swedberg

    The Bonita Springs Fire Control and Rescue District, using RFID tagging services from supplier QuadMed and a solution from Silent Partner Technologies, has reduced its inventory spending by 30 percent, while the Broward County Sheriff's Fire and Rescue Office plans to track the goods it uses and sells for emergency services.

  • Rebecca Minkoff Extends Its RFID System Beyond the Store

    By Claire Swedberg

    By adding a QR code to each of its luxury bags, the New York fashion retailer is enabling shoppers to access content after they make a purchase, as part of the Digital Emotional Intelligence offering from Avery Dennison RBIS and EVRYTHNG.

  • New York Builder Brings Safety With Visibility via RFID

    By Claire Swedberg

    An active RFID system, provided by Triax Technologies, enables Lettire Construction Corp. to track the locations of 140 workers on its site at any given time, to ensure that they are authorized to be there, are not in harm's way and are working where they should be.

  • Cashew Company Improves Deliveries, Supply Chain

    By Edson Perin

    Thanks to Ceará Votu's UHF RFID solution, Cione has streamlined processes, monitored its supply chain and ensured 100 percent accuracy in its deliveries.

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