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Asset Tracking Editor's Note

  • The Pulse of RFID in Health Care

    There is a great deal of interest in how RFID can help hospitals become more efficient, but there is a lot of confusion about what type of RFID to use.

  • RFID Gathers Momentum in Europe

    Airbus, Metro and others are moving forward to deploy RFID on a large scale, while many companies across Europe are finding vast benefits in a wide variety of applications.

  • RFID Education That Pays Off

    The market is changing, and the education provided at RFID Journal's events is changing with it.

  • Microsoft Moves Into RFID in a Big Way

    The software giant's stepped-up RFID activities signal the start of the next stage of RFID's development—a massive increase in software applications that leverage RFID data.

  • RFID Is Not All or Nothing

    Companies in almost every industry are using specific RFID applications to achieve real business benefits today.

  • Don't Ignore the Benefits of RFID

    Some companies tagging goods to meet RFID mandates are missing an opportunity to cut costs and increase sales.

  • RFID Adoption Continues to Accelerate

    There are so many real-world deployments of radio frequency identification that even the mainstream press is starting to take notice.

  • RFID Delivers in the Apparel and Footwear Sector

    Not only is the return on investment from the technology clear, but it can also be used to enhance the shopping experience.

  • The $42 Billion Problem

    Shrinkage continues to plague retailers. RFID is no silver bullet, but it can be part of the solution.

  • Recognition for RFID Leaders

    Introducing the winners of the first annual RFID Journal Awards.

  • Everything You Need to Put RFID to Work

    RFID Journal's fifth annual RFID Journal LIVE! will provide new insights into how companies can leverage RFID today.

  • Fresh Spinach, Anyone?

    The recent outbreak of E. coli in bags of fresh spinach in the United States highlighted the need for better traceability in the food chain—which RFID will one day be able to deliver.

  • Baggage Tagging Is a No-Brainer

    RFID has the potential to make a $700 million dent in a major problem for airlines and travelers—mishandled bags.

  • Let the Competition Begin

    The debate over whether high-frequency or ultrahigh frequency tags are best for tracking items is now in full swing.

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