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Asset Tracking Editor's Note

  • IATA Event Suggests Airlines Are Embracing RFID

    As more parts are tagged on Airbus and Boeing planes, carriers are beginning to find value in using the technology for their own purposes.

  • Using RFID to Predict the Future

    The massive amounts of data that can be collected cost-effectively via radio frequency identification are enabling companies to anticipate and prepare for the future.

  • Creating Confidence in RFID Data

    Companies are employing a variety of strategies to convince both staff members and senior management that information provided by radio frequency identification systems is accurate.

  • Reversing the Decline in Productivity

    If companies begin investing again in new technologies, workers will become more efficient.

  • The NFL's Next-Generation Statistics

    At this year's LIVE! event, Hall of Fame inductee and NFL Network analyst Marshall Faulk will discuss the use of RFID technology to gather a level of statistics not possible in the past, as well as what it means for viewers, teams and coaches.

  • Can I RFID-Tag This?

    Radio frequency identification technology has advanced to the point at which you can now tag just about anything.

  • Internet of Things: Promise and Peril for the RFID Industry

    Interest in IoT technologies could bring radio frequency identification much-needed attention, but there are risks for the RFID industry.

  • The Intranet of Things

    The Internet of Things used by consumers and the ones used by companies will likely be very different.

  • Where We Are Going

    RFID is currently being used to help companies track containers, inventory, parts, tools and other valuable items, but it will become as essential to running a business as computers are today.

  • Who Is Coming to LIVE! 2014

    Companies from more than 40 countries and 30 industries have registered for RFID Journal's annual conference and exhibition, all seeking solutions to track and manage assets, goods or other items.

  • Getting the Word Out That RFID Works

    Major companies in many industries want to share how they are deploying the technology across their entire operations.

  • An RFID Solution for Any Business Problem

    At RFID Journal LIVE! 2014, there will be a variety of tags, readers and software on display for virtually any application.

  • Not Knowing Is the Hardest Part

    Whether you are trying to locate lost luggage or a shipment of critical parts, the lack of visibility prevents you from making contingency plans.

  • Everyone Benefits When RFID Companies Focus on Specific Applications or Industries

    RFID Global Solution and a handful of other providers are targeting customer segments—and winning business as a result.

  • Finding Needles in a Haystack

    A new report about hospitals' adoption of real-time location systems illustrates the challenges faced by RFID solution providers.

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