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Targeted Text Ads on RFID Journal

RFID Journal's enhanced pay-per-click text ads can help advertisers cost-effectively reach the hundreds of thousands of visitors to RFID Journal Web site who are looking to purchase technology solutions to their business problems.

Text ads can be shown when readers are searching for particular terms, such as "retail" or "rugged tags." Text ads can also be show at the bottom of articles related to the solution you are advertising. The short video below explains how it works.

So who would you be advertising to? Good question. RFID Journal attracts a highly qualified audience of business executives from all major industries and from countries around the world. To give you an idea of the types of companies searching RFID Journal for solutions to their business problems, we've created lists of sample companies in the following industries:

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the industries listed above the only ones we can target ads to?
No. The above represent the largest segments of our database, but we also have readers in many other sectors, including commercial laundering, construction, facilities management, hospitality, IT services, marketing, packaging and labeling, pharmaceuticals, security, testing and measurement, waste management and recycling, and wholesale and distribution. Talk to your sales representative about the audience you are trying to reach.

We have a niche solution. Is it worth doing targeted ads on RFID Journal's site?
In most cases it will be. We can target ads by very specific topics, such as "blood tracking" or "bee tracking." While we don't get thousands of people searching for these terms, the few that do are precisely the people you want to reach, so targeted ads are a low-cost supplement to your other marketing activities.

Why are pay-per-click ads on RFID Journal superior to those on Google?
While the cost of Google text ads and RFID Journal text ads is similar, you will achieve much better results on RFID Journal. Our readers are far more knowledgeable about RFID and far more focused on finding an RFID solution. This means you will close more deals, do less hand-holding and achieve better results with customers reached via RFID Journal text ads.

Are your ads based on search results?
We can show your text ads in our search results. We can also put the same ad in articles based on the topic someone is reading about. Let's say you are selling a retail solution. If someone searches for "retail" in our search engine, they will see your ad in the results. We can also show the same ad (or a different one) in the articles they click on in those search results. With Google, once someone clicks on an item in the search results, you no longer have an opportunity to advertise to them.

Are text ads targeted only by topics?
No. We recognize that RFID companies are trying to reach a very specific, targeted audience. A German RFID company might be interested in reaching only people in Germany who are searching for a manufacturing solution. We can target ads by topic and continent or country (even by U.S. state or Canadian province). We can set ads to show only on weekdays and during specific hours of the day and even control how many times the same reader sees your ad, to maximize your reach.

Do I need to bid on the price of clicks?
No, we charge a flat fee per click, and you don't need to worry about your ad appearing on page eight of a reader's search results.

Can I track my clicks?
Yes. Each person who signs up for a pay-per-click campaign is provided with a unique login for our ad server, enabling that individual to view the performance of his or her ads in real time.

How many words can each ad be?
Each ad can contain a 45-character headline, a 50-character body and a 50-character URL. In addition, you can include your logo or a small product image.

How can I learn more?
Contact your sales representative or send e-mail to sales@rfidjournal.com.

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