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BLE, Iris identification Bring Privacy Protection to Egyptian Data Centers

Four centers in the nation's capital city are deploying a solution from EyeLock to enable the secure detection

NewsJune 16, 2021

From Cars to Data Centers: Driving the Internet of Things with NVMe

The incredibly fast bandwidth advantages and high queue depths of Non-Volatile Memory Express SSDs enable faster and more

Expert ViewsAugust 17, 2018

Large Entertainment Co. to Try RFID for Tracking Spare Parts in Its Data Centers

The company wants to use passive UHF tags to determine which items it has in storage and when

NewsNovember 2, 2012

Comcast Puts RFID in Data Centers to Track Assets

The solution, provided by Asset Vue, using hardware made by RCD Technology and Element ID, enables Comcast's staff

NewsFebruary 17, 2012

RFID Energy-Management Systems for Data Centers

Wireless solutions monitor these facilities in real time to keep them cool, while reducing power consumption and costs.

NewsFebruary 1, 2012

California Data Centers Expect to Cut Energy Usage By 75 Percent

Twelve sites are being equipped with an RFID-enabled temperature-monitoring system from Federspiel Controls, following a successful pilot involving

NewsAugust 10, 2010

Bank of America Deploys RFID in Data Centers

The financial institution is using EPC Gen 2 tags to inventory its computer servers and other IT assets,

NewsOctober 30, 2008

How Data-Driven Tech Can Maximize Revenue for Shopping Centers

With the right mix of data-driven technologies, shopping center owners and operators can position their properties as desirable

Expert ViewsApril 6, 2022

Technology Partnership Offers Data Center Intelligence with RFID

Hyperview and RF Code are providing a wireless sensor solution that identifies where IT assets are, their maintenance

NewsSeptember 22, 2023

RFID, BLE Bring Sensory Data to ChatGPT

XO2Tech has patented solutions that provide sensory data ranging from presence to temperature, gas or fill-level information, which

NewsFebruary 22, 2023

Identifying Revenue Opportunities with RFID and Accelerated Big Data Analytics

Enterprises that do this can identify areas of improvement and focus resources to recession-proof their business.

Expert ViewsFebruary 19, 2023

Passive BLE Brings Real-Time Data to Apparel Retailers

Nexite's Connected Merchandise solution enables stores to view the movements of products and thereby better understand shopper behavior.

NewsNovember 29, 2022

IoT Adds Automation to Shopify Companies’ Inventory Data

Apptricity is partnering with Shopify to provide its Internet of Things edge device, an app, and BLE or

NewsApril 13, 2022

Orange Manages Data-Center Assets via RFID

After piloting technology from UBI Solutions at a single site in Val de Reuil, France, the telecom company

NewsFebruary 22, 2022

Location Data Is a Must for Site Selection

Retailers need to embrace new solutions that account for rapidly changing dynamics, and location-based data can help them

Expert ViewsFebruary 20, 2022

Why Data-Driven Decision-Making Will Define the Future of Retail

At a time when many retailers don't know what to do, data provides a map for success that

Expert ViewsDecember 26, 2021

Why Your Firm Needs to Track Data-Center Assets in Real Time

Regulatory compliance is part of it, but companies also need to ensure the security of the data on

Editor's ViewsDecember 19, 2021

New Platform Centralizes Product Data from Factory to Disposal

Avery Dennison's platform captures and manages data from QR codes, as well as NFC and RFID tags,

NewsMarch 17, 2021