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RFID Essentials Online Training

RFID Essentials is an interactive, Web-based learning resource designed to help businesspeople understand how to use RFID to cut costs, streamline processes and boost efficiencies within their operations. It covers supply chain, asset tracking, retail, manufacturing and other applications. RFID Essentials will get your project teams up to speed quickly and conveniently, resulting in faster, more successful deployments.

You learn the fundamentals of the various types of RFID technologies, how to take advantage of them in your enterprise, and how to measure the return on investment. By applying what you’re learning in real-world scenarios, you gain lasting, actionable knowledge. RFID Essentials was developed by three top industry experts and is powered by RFID Revolution. Sign up for all nine modules for just $199 or view our Enterprise Licenses to educate your whole team.

The RFID Essentials e-learning course will prepare you to:

  • Identify and rank potential applications in your enterprise
  • Choose the right RFID architecture for an application
  • Measure an application's financial contribution
  • Speak knowledgeably with vendors
  • Systematically plan a pilot or implementation

This course is suited for:

  • Senior executives and line managers
  • Information technology professionals
  • Financial executives
  • Operations and engineering teams
  • Sales and customer support professionals

The self-paced course takes about eight hours to complete, from any Internet connection. Learn more about the course modules or test drive Module 1 at no cost, with no obligation.

Still not sure? Try the 15-minute YouTag Virtual Workshop for free right now, and see all of the benefits RFID Essentials Online Training has to offer.

Here's what these industry leaders had to say about RFID Essentials:

Dr. Patrick King, Global Electronics Specialist, Michelin:
"RFID Essentials online training is an excellent learning tool for end-user companies piloting or rolling out RFID applications. Because it's online and very visual, it's well adapted to global companies. My team particularly liked its imaginative, interactive exercises. The final exam is challenging, but a good measure of a person's readiness to plan a pilot."

Tom Stevens, Quality Control Specialist, Panasonic Avionics:
"This course is essential for anyone who wants to learn more about RFID. It includes information on the history of RFID, the uses of RFID, the different types of RFID, and much more. The course was full of visuals, virtual workshops, and knowledge checks in each section that ensured you are learning what is being taught. Don't pass up this awesome learning experience!"

Will Hurst, Mobile Solutions Architect, AT&T Global Business Solutions:
"Overall, I thought RFID Essentials e-learning was excellent! It's a great introductory course for people in a variety of functional areas. The presentation, interface and, most importantly, content were very good. I really liked the virtual lab (there is nothing like visualization and interaction to drive home a complex concept, and those exercises were very good), how the course was laid back and laced with humor, and the quiz and test questions (they were interesting and challenging, but appropriate and straightforward)."

Sign up for all nine modules for just $199 or view our Enterprise Licenses to educate your whole team.

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