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Supply Chain Editor's Note

  • Why End Users Should Discuss Their RFID Deployments

    If the RFID market flourishes, companies will achieve greater benefits.

  • Believing in RFID

    My conviction that radio frequency identification technology will be adopted widely in the near future is based on the knowledge that it can reduce waste in many industries.

  • When Not to Publish

    Sometimes, it's better to hold a story and get it right than to rush it into print.

  • The Energy Sector Embraces RFID

    Companies that produce, refine and deliver energy products are beginning to get serious about using RFID to improve their operations.

  • Inside the RFID Journal Database

    Data regarding who is subscribing shows that RFID adoption is picking up in aerospace, retail and energy—and that venture capitalists are becoming interested in the technology once more.

  • An Event for the Energy, Mining and Construction Sectors

    A conference hosted by RFID Journal will educate companies in these industries about how RFID can deliver benefits today, and a standards workshop following the event will help them shape how the technologies are used.

  • Real Momentum

    An increase in end users attending RFID Journal LIVE! is further evidence that RFID adoption is picking up.

  • Getting the Word Out That RFID Works

    Major companies in many industries want to share how they are deploying the technology across their entire operations.

  • The View From NRF

    RFID technology is beginning to seep into the consciousness of more retailers.

  • Insights From RFID Journal LIVE! Brasil 2013

    RFID's adoption in Brazil is still behind that of the United States and Europe, but companies are deploying the technology and solution providers are innovating.

  • RFID's Role in Food Safety

    With the U.S. Food and Drug Administration taking a more aggressive role in preventing outbreaks of food-borne illnesses, it might be time for growers to embrace new technology.

  • Perfect Information Within Our Lifetime

    RFID, in combination with other technologies, will offer companies the ability to track and manage everything—but what does it mean?

  • Can Anyone in the Obama Administration Spell 'RFID'?

    The president called for Congress to authorize $1 billion for ill-defined support for manufacturing, while ignoring the RFID revolution in its backyard.

  • Watch What You Eat

    The horsemeat scandal engulfing Europe is evidence that the global food supply chain is just too complex to monitor without RFID and other technologies.

  • 2012: A Year of Progress

    End users rolled out new RFID applications and expanded existing deployments, the technology continued to improve, and there were some major acquisitions.

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