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What you need to know to keep your IoT systems safe

Intel Processor Comes With NXP NFC Reader for Tap-and-Go Online Payment

Computers and tablets containing the processor can read the tags in NFC-enabled credit cards registered with MasterCard's MasterPass e-wallet service, enabling secure, convenient Internet transactions.

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European Privacy and Security Standards

Compliance with regulatory requirements will help, not hinder, RFID adoption.

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    • The Need for Global Standards and Solutions to Combat Counterfeiting
      Published November 2013
      This white paper, from GS1, provides insights into the increasing threats posed by counterfeit and illicit trade, and outlines how the organization's global standards, services and solutions can play a vital role in counteracting the problem. The report highlights key emerging trends and deceptive practices, and discusses how to secure global supply chains against the threats of counterfeit goods, through greater visibility, traceability and transparency. (24 pages)
    • Smart Card Technology and the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace
      Published July 2013
      The National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC) is a White House initiative to improve on the credentials currently used to access the Internet and authenticate identity online. This white paper, from the Smart Card Alliance, reviews the NSTIC's initiatives and discusses how smart-card technology can provide the advanced credentialing capabilities necessary to enable high assurance in the NSTIC identity ecosystem. Smart cards come in a variety of form factors—including plastic cards, USB devices and secure elements that can be embedded in mobile or other devices—and can be either contact (communicating with a reader through direct physical contact) or contactless (communicating via an RFID air-interface protocol, such as ISO 14443). (23 pages)
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