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Retail Editor's Note

  • How to Grow the RFID Market, Part 1

    There is only one way to do it, which is to convert one company at a time until we achieve critical mass.

  • The World Is Different

    Efficiencies once unimaginable are now being achieved by companies using radio frequency identification technology.

  • Next Up: A Passive UHF Reader in Your Phone

    Apple's embrace of NFC means all new phones will have an RFID reader—but they also need to be able to read Electronic Product Codes.

  • An iPhone With NFC—at Last!

    The addition of Near-Field Communication technology to the popular mobile phone will increase contactless payments and open the door to many new applications.

  • Believing in RFID

    My conviction that radio frequency identification technology will be adopted widely in the near future is based on the knowledge that it can reduce waste in many industries.

  • The Benefits of Going Cashless

    Getting rid of paper money and coins offers benefits that go well beyond consumer convenience.

  • Hong Kong: The First Cashless Society?

    The use of the RFID-enabled Octopus card is so prevalent that it is quickly replacing cash for many transactions.

  • When Not to Publish

    Sometimes, it's better to hold a story and get it right than to rush it into print.

  • Inside the RFID Journal Database

    Data regarding who is subscribing shows that RFID adoption is picking up in aerospace, retail and energy—and that venture capitalists are becoming interested in the technology once more.

  • The Meaning of a Retail CEO's Comments on RFID

    When Pablo Isla, the chairman and CEO of retail holding company Inditex, spoke about RFID at his company's annual general meeting, it signaled a shift in attitude toward the technology.

  • Tagging Pots and Pans

    A few years ago, people thought RFID was dead because it didn't work around water and metal. Marks & Spencer has proven them wrong.

  • New Survey Suggests Retailers Really Need RFID

    Retail companies in France, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States are failing to meet shoppers' omnichannel expectations.

  • RFID Continues to Move Toward Mass Adoption

    A post-event survey of end users who attended RFID Journal LIVE! 2014 reveals the RFID market is maturing and the technology is moving toward critical mass.

  • Real Momentum

    An increase in end users attending RFID Journal LIVE! is further evidence that RFID adoption is picking up.

  • Getting the Word Out That RFID Works

    Major companies in many industries want to share how they are deploying the technology across their entire operations.

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