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Retail Editor's Note

  • How RFID Adoption Will Accelerate

    The pace of adoption will be driven by retail and then spread to other sectors.

  • People Are the Differentiator

    Retailers struggling with competition from websites should use RFID to free up employees to better serve customers.

  • Reversing the Decline in Productivity

    If companies begin investing again in new technologies, workers will become more efficient.

  • Retailers Embrace RFID

    Chains that sell apparel now realize radio frequency identification technology is an essential tool for maintaining accurate inventory, improving store execution and selling across all channels.

  • RFID Is Not Just for Big Companies

    Small companies, such as watch repairer Stoll & Co., can take advantage of radio frequency identification technology because it's easier to deploy than ever before.

  • One Small Retailer Abandons RFID

    It appears that poor-quality tags and poor process management were at fault.

  • RFID Questions to Ponder

    Many people have opinions about why RFID has not taken off more quickly. If you think you know why, or if you think you know what will stimulate the market, here are some questions to consider when evaluating your theory.

  • End Users Must Balance Interests

    Companies that want the short-term benefits of using RFID before their competitors should also consider the longer-term goal of promoting adoption within their industry.

  • Products Outpace Solutions

    It's exciting to see the rapid evolution of tags and readers, but end users are looking for solutions.

  • Reflections on RFID Journal LIVE! 2015

    Based on last week's event, it is clear that the state of the RFID industry is strong and adoption continues to gain momentum.

  • Changing Perceptions of RFID

    I am hearing from many people who say more companies seem to "get" radio frequency identification—and for good reason.

  • VCs Rediscover RFID

    Deals are still hard to find, but interest has been rekindled by large-scale deployments in retail, manufacturing, health care and other sectors.

  • Observations from NRF's Big Show, Part 2

    RFID solution providers showed off some "secondary" retail applications.

  • Observations From NRF's Big Show, Part 1

    There was more interest in RFID applications, and solution providers are enhancing their systems so they scale more easily across a chain of stores.

  • How RFID Could Save Retailers $42 Billion Annually

    A new study shows retailers lost $128 billion globally to theft, fraud and administrative error, but radio frequency identification technology could reduce that amount by as much as 40 percent.

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