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Pharmaceutical News

  • Packaging Maker Offering Tamper-Evident RFID Film

    Pliant, a provider of stretch film and specialty packaging, has developed a plastic wrap that uses RFID and conductive materials to make pallets tamper-evident.

  • Taiwan's Chang-Gung Hospital Uses HF RFID to Track Surgery

    The system not only helps ensure patients get the correct procedures and medication, but also saves time.

  • RFID Patient ID System Yields Immediate Benefit

    HP and Precision Dynamics Corporation today announed the deployment of a comprehensive RFID-based patient management system at the Chang-Gung Memorial Hospital in Taiwan. The system offers the facility a raft of benefits and has already realized positive results in terms of patient identification.

  • 3M Deploys RFID Specimen Tracking at Mayo Clinic

    3M today announced the successful pilot of an RFID-based track-and-trace solution for Mayo Clinic, the well-known medical practice with diagnosis and treatment facilities scattered across the US. The RFID system will allow medical practitioners to better manage the specimens of patient tissue.

  • IBM Launches Software for Sharing RFID Data

    WebSphere RFID Information Center is designed to let users share RFID-derived data regarding the location and status of shipments in real time, and to facilitate the creation of electronic pedigrees.

  • New RFID Tag Withstands Industrial Sterilization

    A company called AdvantaPure that specializes in ultra-clean products for the pharmaceutical, biomedical, food, and cosmetic industries, has released the GammaTag, which it claims is the first and only RFID tag that can withstand sterilization by gamma radiation.

  • Injunction May Slow Momentum for RFID E-Pedigrees

    Efforts to document the transfer of drugs in the pharmaceutical supply chain using RFID-enabled electronic pedigrees have suffered a blow with a federal court judge's issuance of an injunction that blocks the FDA's pedigree requirement.

  • RFID Tag Built to Survive Gamma Rays

    AdvantaPure says its passive, high-frequency GammaTags can withstand the radiation used to sterilize the polymer bags employed by drug manufacturers—without losing data.

  • U.S. Judge Issues Injunction Against Drug-Pedigree Rules

    Those requirements would have compelled some drug distributors to document the chain of custody of drug products as they move through the distribution system.

  • O-I Embeds Tags in Bottoms of Drug Bottles, Improving Read Rates

    In a demonstration simulating a conveyor, Owens-Illinois programmed 96-bit EPC numbers on the bottles' Gen 2 tags at rates exceeding 600 tags per minute.

  • RFID Journal Announces Keynote Speakers for RFID Journal LIVE! 2007

    RFID Journal's fifth annual conference and exhibition, to be held Apr. 30 to May 2, 2007, will feature addresses by Wal-Mart CIO Rollin Ford and Sara Lee CIO George Chappelle.

  • New Security-Laden RFID Tag Targets Pharma

    These days, the word 'security' is key when discussing pharmaceutical supply chains - an emerging market for RFID entrepreneurs. And so the stage is set for SecureRF, whose new tag keeps data under wraps except for authorized readers.

  • Pharmaceutical RFID Pilot Finds Promise, Problems

    Cardinal Health released results of an extensive pilot project to evaluate UHF RFID technology for item-level pharmaceutical tracking. Despite extremely low read rates for some operations, Cardinal viewed the pilot as positive, especially for the ability of Gen2 RFID to support item-level applications.

  • Major RFID Innovation for Pharma Item-Level Tagging

    Packaging giant O-I has devised a method of embedding RFID inlays into pharmaceutical packaging for each of the four typical pharmaceutical dosage forms: solids, gelcaps, powders, and liquids. In addition, the solution works with either HF or UHF, enabling O-I clients to elect whichever technology best suits their needs.

  • Pfizer to Tag Celebrex

    The drugmaker will use Gen 2 RFID technology to track cases and pallets and test the concept of case-level serialization and authentication, which could help wholesalers catch counterfeit Viagra.

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