APR 15-17
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  • GS1 US Survey Finds Strong RFID Adoption

    The results, released this week, found that 78 percent of retailers received at least some RFID-tagged merchandise (primarily apparel and footwear), with those retailers receiving, on average, 47 percent of those goods with EPC UHF RFID inlays.

  • RFID News Roundup

    Trimble's RFID-enabled CrewSight automates personnel management on construction sites ••• FinnCode brings NFC-enabled added-value to Italian luxury shoes, bags ••• Ams, STMicroelectronics launch secure NFC mobile-payment solution ••• Estimote adds beacon-sharing to its Cloud platform ••• Mayo Clinic, Gentag partner to develop wireless sensors to treat obesity, diabetes.

  • Airbus Enters New Phase of RFID Usage, Digitalization

    The aircraft manufacturer is asking suppliers to tag all traceable items, and is increasing the RFID expertise of its staff to support the technology's deployment across the supply chain.

  • Smartrac's New Passive Sensor DogBone Transmits Moisture Levels

    The company has begun shipping the UHF tag to systems integrators to begin proof-of-concepts and the development of applications in the manufacturing, health-care and agriculture sectors.

  • Porsche Uses RFID to Track Prototype Testing, Improve Security

    The car manufacturer is tracking which components are installed in its prototype vehicles, and is monitoring the cars' locations to reduce their chances of being seen by unauthorized parties.

  • RFID Opens the Door to Automation at Pandoor

    The Israeli door manufacturer is affixing passive UHF tags to the wood planks it uses to make its products, employing RFID data to instruct the automatic manufacturing process.

  • Engineering Firm Ludwig Pfeiffer Uses RFID to Keep Track of Tools, Workers

    The German company says that its HF system from Reutemann.net and Panmobil has simplified the records-keeping processes for 6,000 pieces of equipment used on construction sites across Europe.

  • Audi Launches RFID Deployment for Tracking Assembled Vehicles Worldwide

    The carmaker has already installed the system at its Hungarian facility, enabling management to view where each car is in the finishing, storage and shipping processes, and reducing labor for drivers who locate and transport the vehicles.

  • Siemens Starts Shipping New Readers for Industries, Logistics

    The UHF RFID readers, including a low-cost model, are designed to be easily installed and operated by automatically adjusting their RF power and internal algorithms to filter stray reads.

  • RFID Journal to Host Its Ninth Annual RFID Journal Awards

    Submissions are now being accepted, with winners to be announced in April at RFID Journal LIVE! 2015.

  • RFID News Roundup

    Ecom instruments intros UHF reader for intrinsically safe iroc-Ci70 handheld computer ••• FineLine's SolidTag service offers fashion RFID hangtags, labels in low volumes ••• Proventix RFID data helps researchers discover hand-washing compliance patterns ••• Protavic Releases RFID-GO, a matched system of adhesives and inks for tag manufacturers ••• TI RFID readers on rovers prove to be less stressful to penguins ••• LogiTag releases mobile app for hospital inventory management, charge capture.

  • NXP Seeks to Drive NFC Phone App Use in Cars

    The semiconductor company says its new controller is the first in a portfolio of products aimed at helping app developers and automakers bring NFC-activated features and functions to the automotive market.

  • Volkswagen Group's Uruguayan Importer Improves Efficiency Through RFID

    The company is already using passive UHF tags to track tools, and expects sometime next year to begin tagging the Audi and Volkswagen cars it sells and maintains.

  • Deere-Hitachi Excavator Factory Improves Work-in-Progress

    The company has deployed AeroScout RFID tags and exciters to identify when an excavator passes from one work station to the next, or is pulled off the assembly line.

  • Hong Kong Electroplating Company Speeds Up Production With RFID

    Jing Mei Industrial is using passive UHF tags and readers to better track workflow.

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