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Innovation Editor's Note

  • The Value of Information

    What is it worth to know what is happening within your business?

  • Spreading the Word About RFID in Latin America

    RFID Journal's first event in the region will highlight the progress Central and South American companies are making in improving their business operations with RFID.

  • What Comes After RFID?

    True business intelligence is going to be what defines successful IT systems after companies have deployed RFID and other automatic data-capture technologies.

  • Why RFID—and Why Now?

    Radio frequency identification is gaining traction, because business needs drive the evolution of information technology systems.

  • The Problem With People (and How RFID Can Help Fix It)

    Workers don't always do what they are supposed to, but RFID can automatically check that tasks have been performed.

  • The Best Get Better

    Introducing the winners of the 2010 RFID Journal Awards.

  • The Internet of Things Revisited

    RFID is not really about connecting objects to the Internet; it's about capturing data needed to manage things that aren't being managed today.

  • Boosting Profits in a Sluggish Economy

    RFID can help companies make more money when sales are growing slowly, by squeezing inefficiencies out of their operations.

  • Can RFID Deliver a Competitive Advantage?

    Maybe it can—but what's more important is that the technology can be used to reinforce an existing competitive advantage.

  • Moore Has Spoken—Were RFID Vendors Listening?

    In a free RFID Journal webinar, bestselling author Geoffrey Moore, the world's leading expert on understanding disruptive technologies, laid out a strategy for success in the RFID industry. The question is: How many vendors were listening?

  • Watch, Listen to and Learn From the Experts

    The presentations from RFID Journal LIVE! 2010 are now available in our online video library, so end users can see how companies are benefiting from the technology today.

  • Get Personal Help for Your Application

    There are many types of RFID, and a variety of available solutions, but we can help you navigate the landscape so you can arrive at a successful conclusion.

  • Should You Abandon the Status Quo?

    RFID Journal LIVE! 2010 will feature more than 50 reasons why you should stop doing things the way you do them today, and begin using radio frequency identification.

  • Software Will Drive Adoptions—and Investment Returns

    With RFID hardware reaching an adequate level of maturity, software represents a huge opportunity for investors, and without new investment, the technology will be slow to take off.

  • Understanding RFID Adoption Trends

    In a free webinar hosted by RFID Journal, Geoffrey Moore, the bestselling author of Crossing the Chasm and Inside the Tornado, will discuss the technology adoption life cycle for radio frequency identification, and answer questions from vendors.

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