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Innovation Editor's Note

  • Technologies Needed for a True Digital Transformation

    RFID is just one element—a foundational element—of any company's digital transformation efforts. Here are the different technologies required at each stage of change.

  • RFID Is the First Step Toward Digital Transformation

    Companies that want to be truly digital—and truly efficient and effective, and take advantage of advances in artificial intelligence—need to deploy radio frequency identification technologies. Here's why.

  • Business People Speaking About Technology

    Despite the event's name and the perception that some RFID companies have, RFID Journal LIVE! is not really a technology conference.

  • RFID Gets Easier Every Year

    As I walked the exhibit hall at last week's RFID Journal LIVE! conference, it became clear that companies are responding to the need to make radio frequency identification systems simpler to deploy and use.

  • Finding the Right RFID Solution

    We've put together a list of exhibitors at RFID Journal LIVE! by product category, application and industry.

  • Learning from the Best RFID Implementations

    This year's RFID Journal Awards finalists will speak at RFID Journal LIVE! 2018, giving attendees a unique opportunity to hear from those who have completed some of the world's most impressive projects.

  • The Value of Good Information

    Companies require good information to make smart investments in technologies that can enhance their business.

  • RFID as a Strategic Tool

    The technology can do a lot more than tell you where your parts containers are located, yet most companies are not taking full advantage of it.

  • Why More Retailers Haven't Invested in RFID

    Is it that they don't understand the value of the technology, are afraid to take risks, or have other priorities?

  • RFID Helped the Eagles Win the Super Bowl

    The team is giving credit to its use of data provided by an active, ultra-wideband RFID system installed at all NFL stadiums.

  • Is Video a Threat to RFID?

    Amazon Go is using video, which has great potential to work with RFID—but here's why the technology cannot replace radio frequency identification.

  • Update from NRF's Big Show

    Several RFID companies exhibited new solutions at the event that were aimed at retailers.

  • Déjà Vu at NRF's Big Show 2018

    As in years past, exhibitors were touting solutions that require retailers to adopt RFID before they will be effective.

  • The Best Retail RFID Deployment

    It's difficult to compare deployments by different retailers, but Marks & Spencer is certainly a company that others should look to emulate.

  • How Will U.S. Companies Spend Their Tax Cut?

    The tax rate for businesses has been cut to 21 percent, from 39.1 percent, giving profitable firms a nice windfall; smart companies will invest in technologies such as RFID.

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