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Health Care White Papers

  • Liquid Pharmaceuticals and 915 MHz Radio Frequency Identification Systems
    Published September 2005
    This white paper details a project initiated by Howard Bassen of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to evaluate the potential of certain 915 MHz RFID systems to heat temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals. The overall goal of this project was to evaluate the worst-case power deposition and heating of one or more vials of simulated insulin under extreme exposure conditions.
  • Beyond Point of Care: Benefiting from Unit-of-Use Bar Code Traceability in the Life Sciences Supply Chain
    Published August 2005
    Many benefits can be gained through process changes that take advantage of information available on unit-of-use labels with little incremental labeling or equipment costs. This white paper from Zebra Technologies presents an overview of the proposed FDA rule for unit-of-use bar code labeling scheduled to become mandatory in 2006.
  • Radio Frequency Patient Monitoring
    Published June 2005
    Today’s Emergency Department is faced with the unique challenge of meeting the safety needs of a higher-risk population while maintaining fiscal responsibility. The development of an RFID system deigned to work in this environment for the safety of patients and staff is the subject of this white paper, submitted by RFTechnologies.
  • Patrient Safety Applications of Bar-Code and RFID Technologies
    Published June 2005
    Despite the mounting evidence that medical errors are a persistent and growing problem throughout the U.S. health care industry, little has been done to reverse the trend. Nationwide, less than 25 percent of hospitals have even rudimentary technology to reduce errors. This white paper from Zebra Technologies examines how bar coding and RFID can help improve this growing dilemma.
  • MRI and RFID Human Implants
    Published December 2004
    James Lamberg, an electrical engineering student at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, tested whether RFID transponders implanted into humans are affected when the person undergoes magnetic resonance imaging. He presents the results in this technical paper.
  • RFID in Hospitals: Issues and Solutions
    Published September 2004
    A team of researchers from Texas A&M University has put together an introduction to RFID's applications in the hospital environment.
  • Jump-Starting RFID/EPC
    Published September 2004
    From October 2003 to September 2004, a group of retailers, distributors and manufacturers in the pharmaceutical industry worked together to design, test, implemented, and verify a complete RFID supply chain solution. The principal objectives were to assess whether RFID/EPC could be used to help create a safe and secure supply chain, streamline reverse logistics, and increase the accuracy and efficiency of distribution and pharmacy operations. This white paper is the executive summary of the group's report on the results of the project.
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