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Editor's Note

  • RFID Reaches the Legal Limit

    By Mark Roberti

    The technology has matured to the point that both end users and vendors are going to start facing legal and public-policy issues.

  • What Metro Knows

    By Mark Roberti

    Sometimes, I look at what's going on in a specific industry or market, or even within specific companies, and I just scratch my head.

  • Learning From the Big Boys

    By Mark Roberti

    Does RFID technology offer any real value for companies that aren't behemoths? You bet it does, and midsize companies can learn from larger early adopters.

  • Motives for Promoting RFID

    By Mark Roberti

    Some people believe RFID Journal downplays the possibility that retailers will use RFID to infringe on the privacy of their customers for financial reasons. Here's why that makes no sense.

  • It's Time to Address Privacy

    By Mark Roberti

    The industry needs to come together to educate consumers, journalists and privacy advocates—and end users—about RFID technologies.

  • Protecting Consumer Privacy

    By Mark Roberti

    An article in BusinessWeek about new video surveillance systems shows the focus should be on business practices, not technology.

  • RFID Adoption Is Spreading

    By Mark Roberti

    Companies from a wide variety of industries, including health care, apparel, children’s products and airlines, are embracing RFID technologies.

  • What’s Good for Apparel and Footwear

    By Mark Roberti

    RFID delivers a return on investment, but companies are moving slowly. The question is: Why?

  • The ROI of RFID in the Supply Chain

    By Thomas Pisello

    Although RFID implementations are not without costs and risks, a number of companies in manufacturing, warehousing and distribution and retailing have achieved a 200 percent return on investment.

  • Be Careful What Data You Collect

    By Mark Roberti

    AOL's recent problems related to the release of information on searches done through its Web site is a cautionary tale for those thinking about collecting RFID data on consumers.

  • Be Wary of Religious Opposition to RFID

    By Mark Roberti

    While people have a right to their religious beliefs, invoking God to oppose RFID could hinder attempts to address privacy concerns in a rational way.

  • World Kitchen's Mandate

    By Mark Roberti

  • Entering the Blogosphere

    By Mark Roberti

    RFID Journal has introduced a blog to provide readers with insights that might not find a place in our news and feature stories.

  • Perfect Alternatives to RFID?

    By Mark Roberti

    New technologies are being hailed as threats to RFID when, in fact, they are RFID.

  • Senate Staffers Get Up to Speed on RFID

    By Mark Roberti

    The first meeting of the Senate RFID Caucus covered a wide variety of business and public-policy issues.

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