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Can I Detect the Position of One Passive RFID Transponder Relative to Another?

Posted By RFID Journal, 07.21.2016

I can't use active tags, as they would be too bulky for my project. Would I be able to accomplish this using passive tags?

—Francois (France)



The only way to determine the precise location of a passive tag is to use near-field passive tags with a very short read range and create a grid of antennas, so that you can know which antenna is reading a specific tag at any given time. Think of a chessboard with a tiny RFID reader antenna under each square. The antennas read the tags of the objects above. If you associate each antenna with a particular square, then you can know that one tagged object is on square C4 and another is on square D8, and thus determine their positions relative to one another.

—Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor, RFID Journal


steve rattray 2016-08-02 08:32:21 PM
Active RFID / RTLS tags are very small these days and getting cheaper - more importantly they can be used for far more than just locating assets - suggest you check out PLUS location systems - www.pluslocation.com any further info contact steve.rattray@pluslocation.com
James E. Heurich 2016-08-11 02:46:49 PM
The market of RTLS using passive RFID Tags is one of the most promising applications of future growth in our industry. Imagine being able to know the location of RFID Tags by installing a few Readers throughout a facility or warehouse. Although in it's infancy, there are a number of companies offering this solution and the best in my opinion is SSTID in Atlanta, contact Rick Bissonnette, rick@sstid.com.

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