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Where Can I Find an Active Tag Capable of Being Read From Several Kilometers Away?

Posted By RFID Journal, 07.23.2015

Our company seeks contactless RFID tags or cards with a reading range of between 1.5 kilometers and 3 kilometers (0.9 mile and 1.9 miles), for the implementation of a government project. Is there any specific company or person you would recommend I contact?

—Name withheld


The only active RFID tag on the market of which I am aware that can be read from a distance of 3 kilometers is the Iota, from California RFID technology startup Iotera. The tag can transmit location- and sensor-based data at a distance of 4 miles, which is more than four times that of most active tags. The tag incorporates a GPS unit, a temperature sensor and an accelerometer so that it can send its longitude and latitude, along with its temperature or movement status, to a reader located as far as 4 miles away (see Iotera Develops Active RFID Tag With 4-Mile Read Range). You can contact the company via its website, but if you do not receive a response, e-mail me at editor@rfidjournal.com and I will provide a contact.

—Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor, RFID Journal

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