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How Is RFID Used in Construction Project Management?

Posted By RFID Journal, 06.29.2015

Can you please provide some examples from around the world, including Europe?

—Name withheld


The main use of radio frequency identification in construction project management is to keep track of material shipments to a job site. BP deployed a solution that used RFID and GPS technologies to track components shipped from its European warehouses to South Korea, when it was building a massive offshore oil platform in that country. This helped to ensure that the materials were delivered on time to Hyundai Heavy Industries, which was building the platform for BP (see RFID, GPS Bring Visibility to Construction of BP Oil Platform).

Bechtel is using RFID in the construction of three liquefied natural gas processing and export facilities on Curtis Island, an ecologically fragile mile-long speck of land off the coast of Gladstone, Australia. The facilities are being constructed to process coal seam gas (CSG) produced by collection facilities on the Australian mainland. The plants will purify the gas into a liquid state for export to customers worldwide. Bechtel needed an efficient, cost-effective way to track and organize the materials involved in the construction of the three facilities. The company selected RFID to serve as the data-collection heart of a new cutting-edge localized materials-management system (see RFID Helps Bechtel Manage a Megaproject).

RFID can also improve efficiencies by helping workers find needed materials or items in a laydown yard. Using a handheld reader, workers can quickly locate an object's precise item (assuming it is tagged), even if the item is covered in snow or mud. Zachry, one of the world's largest construction companies focused on the energy sector, uses RFID technology to support the management of equipment in its laydown yards (see Using RFID for Laydown Yard Management).

You will find a description of other ways in which RFID is being used in the construction industry in the following post: How Is RFID Being Used in the Construction Industry?

—Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor, RFID Journal


Vasant Mungara 2015-07-03 07:13:02 AM
I didn't have an idea of RFID being used even construction industry untill i read this post. This is an exceptional post on how RFID technology is used in material shipment tracking, tracking, organizing and finding the needed materials in the construction firms and much more. It really fabulous to know how construction industry is growing rapidly by adapting the latest technologies available....

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