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How Can I Protect My RFID Credit Card?

Posted By RFID Journal, 06.17.2014

What is the best option for blocking people from stealing information via the card's chip?

—Name withheld


There are a number of products on the market, such as Skim Block, as well as RF block wallets and sleeves. Consumer Reports, however, says that tests carried out by security firm Recursion found quite a bit of variability in the products' ability to block the RF signals from readers. Therefore, I personally would recommend saving your money and simply wrapping your credit cards in a few sheets of tin foil. By the way, you should be aware that RFID credit cards are safer than magstripe cards, which can be easily cloned.

—Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor, RFID Journal


Ainsley Ward 2014-06-18 03:12:50 AM
If you are thinking about contactless cards for payment (such as those branded PayPass, Paywave, Expresspay) then the information that can be read is generally useless. In the US, contactless cards are deployed using 'magstripe' profile, which means that the magnetic stripe data is replicated on the chip. However, there have been a number of fields made dynamic (unique per transaction) so that the information can't be put onto another card or used in an ecommerce transaction - in this way, they are much safer that magnetic stripe cards. As the US migrates to the new EMV standard (catching up with other markets) contactless cards will become even safer as there is considerable cryptography on the chip and the cards themselves are exceptionally difficult to clone. Your biggest worry should be loss of your wallet where the card can be used a few times without PIN or Signature before the bank blocks it. If you are particularly worried about the ability for someone else to read your data, the best protection is to have more than one contactless card in your wallet as this causes interference that prevents most of them from being readable until taken out.
Kenneth Cecil 2014-06-19 08:09:21 PM
I am the developer and inventor of the PIN CODE PROTECTED Security /Credit Card US Patent 6,340,116. Cards used in either access control security or financial transactions can be used by the person that happens to be in possession. Lost or stolen cards cost the industry billions. The PIN CODE PROTECTION patent requires the user to input a pin code and/or finger swipe into a numeric keypad on the cards surface. The pin code and/or finger swipe is compared to the reference within the card chip and if correct enables the logic system within the card. After a time period the pin code expires and the card is disabled. A duress feature allows for a remote alarm to be activate if the user is forced to activate the card such as at an ATM. The PIN CODE Protection Technology can also be applied to visas and passport credentials as 40 million passports are lost or stolen each year. I have attached a White Paper on my patent. If you would like further information please contact me. Kenneth B. Cecil International Security 3184 Sage Glen Escondido, Ca. 92029 USA Cell: 7607157143 SKYPE, Ken.cecil
Shahanas KP 2014-06-20 07:18:12 AM
Sir, I am also researching on the same thing. I am using a location-aware security system for that. But i need to develop a rfid tag that can read GPS values and transfer the same to the rfid reader. I am stuck in that position. I couldn't find any rfid tag that is integrated with a GPS system. Can you suggest me or help me to develop such a tag that can transfer the position values to the reader and that can read through a serial port of PC? Regards Shahanas K P

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