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Asset Tracking Features

  • Solutions for Automotive, Health Care and Retail

    The Sensor Tadpole tag helps automobile manufacturers ensure that their vehicles are watertight; VueTrack-UDI enables medical device manufacturers to comply with the FDA's identification mandate and achieve internal benefits; Clarity 3.X software lets retailers manage enterprisewide inventory processes more effectively.

  • Passive UHF RFID Sensor Tags Go Where No Sensors Have Gone Before

    Now it's easy and economical for companies to monitor the condition of their assets, products, buildings and machinery in any environment.

  • RFID Asset Tracking for Small Organizations

    Now is a good time for small businesses and nonprofits to use the technology to manage inventory and improve efficiencies. Here are the issues to consider for a successful deployment.

  • What You Need to Know About RFID Patient-Management Solutions

    Monitoring patients in real time can improve services and safety, increase operational efficiencies and boost a hospital's reputation.

  • Automating Compliance Processes

    RFID will revolutionize the way in which organizations meet government regulations.

  • RFID Adoption Heats Up

    Companies in many industries now understand what radio frequency identification is—and how and where it delivers benefits—and they want to reap the rewards.

  • Nerves of Steel

    Manufacturers and suppliers that deploy RFID to track and manage steel slabs, pipes and other assets say the benefits are well worth the work.

  • RFID in Health Care 2014 Report

    RFID Journal recently held its 10th conference and exhibition for the health-care sector. View the presentations from the event.

  • RFID Journal LIVE! Europe 2014 Report

    Last month, RFID Journal held its 10th annual conference and exhibition for the European RFID industry. View the presentations from the event.

  • Cultivating RFID

    Horticultural firms achieve benefits from tracking returnable transport items, while nurseries, governments and researchers develop business cases for monitoring individual plants.

  • What You Need to Know About Overhead RFID Readers

    These devices, which are mounted on or installed in ceilings, can track the location of moving assets or inventory in large areas.

  • NFC Tags for New Business and Consumer Applications

    Now that most smartphones are equipped with Near Field Communication technology, RFID providers are offering a wide variety of NFC transponders.

  • Protecting Employees

    During an emergency, RFID personnel safety solutions can help you locate workers in real time.

  • RFID in Health Care 2013 Report

    RFID Journal recently held its ninth conference focused on the health-care sector. View the presentations from the conference.

  • A Guide to Embeddable RFID Metal Tags

    These solutions are designed to monitor hard-to-track and high-value metal assets, such as handheld tools, industrial parts and surgical equipment.

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