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Asset Tracking Editor's Note

  • Understanding RFID's Role in an Enterprise

    Achieving total business visibility will require a suite of technologies, but RFID will do the lion's share of the work.

  • Do You Really Need to Justify Your RFID Investment?

    Maybe not—if you think of the technology as infrastructure that can deliver many benefits, then calculating the ROI on any one application becomes less critical.

  • The Recession Is Over—Now What?

    The global economy appears to have turned the corner, but no one expects sales to pick up quickly, so companies need to focus on cutting costs and enhancing efficiencies.

  • Using RFID to Direct Employees

    The technology alerts unskilled workers when routine tasks need to be performed, and also enables managers to confirm they've been completed properly.

  • Wireless Sensors Monitor Mobile Machines

    Wireless sensors can help companies monitor mobile equipment and environments too large to be outfitted with wired sensors.

  • RFID Solutions Come of Age

    A lot of new products will be on display at next week's RFID Journal LIVE! conference, including several solutions designed to solve specific business problems.

  • Saluting the RFID Pioneers in the DOD

    A lot of companies in all industries could learn from the U.S. Department of Defense, which is using RFID to transform its complex supply chain.

  • Learn Firsthand from Those Already Achieving an ROI

    Many companies have deployed RFID technologies. More than 50 of these businesses will share their experiences at one event—RFID Journal LIVE! 2009.

  • The Year Ahead: Reasons for Optimism

    Out of crisis will come renewal, as companies transform themselves with the help of RFID and other technologies.

  • A Year of Ups and Downs

    The economic tumult dominated the news in 2008, but there were still many positive developments in the RFID industry.

  • A Better Year Ahead

    Demand for RFID hardware, software and services will be stronger in 2008, but don't expect the volume of products purchased to soar.

  • Learning to Do More With Less

    The current economic crisis offers companies a rare opportunity to fundamentally change their cost structure and enhance their competitiveness.

  • An RFID Policy for the New Administration

    In preparation for the presidency, Barack Obama gets a little advice on what the United States needs to do about radio frequency identification.

  • When the Going Gets Tough...

    …the tough become smarter and leaner, by investing in a corporate infrastructure that can deliver lasting benefits.

  • Will Atlas Shrug?

    Businesses can't expect a handful of companies to do all of the work to develop industry standards for RFID.

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